Charlotte Wassy

Born in Paris in an artistic family, Charlotte Wassy sings, composes, writes and dances from the youngest age. Surrounded by all kinds of musical styles from various horizons, she mostly draws her inspiration from the fertile rhythms and melodies of her father, Cameroonian drummer and composer Brice Wassy.

   Since childhood, she started acquiring notions of music theory, piano and drums, and exploring dances such as ballet, modern' jazz and Cuban.
After studying Psychology, she decided to deepen her choreographic knowledge by entering in 2005 The « James Carlès » Dance school in Toulouse,that she left, 4 years later, with EAT Jazz in her pocket. 
It was during this period that Charlotte started in parallel to work on her voice beside various teachers with complementary approaches . Then she particularly opened up to Jazz, and composed the pieces of her futur Quintet. She baptized her music : « Instinctive Mixed Jazz ».

   The young multidisciplinary artist felt then ready to take the stage in order to share her passions with with as many as possible. She returned to Paris, and participated numerous jam sessions in search of the future members of her band. Her crushes went to : Leonardo Montana on piano, Arnaud Dolmen on drums, Irving Acao on tenor saxophone and Damian Nueva on double bass. 
The « Charlotte Wassy 5TET » was born, and started to perform on stage, where the singer also expresses her second passion : Dance.
In 2012 the band participates « Trophées du Sunside » in Paris, where they won 2nd price for best band and Charlotte 1st prize for best soloist. 
Then they recorded the album « Niam », synthesis of the singer’s original composition, and which songs "Footprints " and "Your Goal", were selected to make part of 2 compilations : "Cool Jazz" and "New Jazz Divas" (2016 - Wagram Music)

Two years later, the album « Eclipse » (Gaya Music) was born. It results from Charlotte’s meeting pianist Julien Lallier in 2011. Together they tackled the grand repertory of Jazz, which they explored and revisited sometimes completely the standards of their choice, turning them into very personal versions.

  While evolving in music, Charlotte was requested in 2012by comedian Leonce Henri Nlend, who recruits her to participate to her project of a musical play about Fela Kuti’s life. 
Therefor, she joins the singer and comedian artist Djeuhdjoah and after a big work and precious contribution of the outstanding writer Koffi Kwahule, the play «Kalakuta dream», has emerged in 2015, offering to the singer/song writer and composer her first steps as a comedian.

  Since 2017, Charlotte started working with double bass player Luca Fattorini and composes for this Duo a brand new repertory, thinking the voice as an instrument and building a jungle of sonorities where Jazz colors confront contemporary influences. 

   Currently, new opus of her Quintet, the album « Cadence » for which Charlotte once more signs the compositions and the lyrics, was recorded with her Quintet. It will be out soon.

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